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Our Property Management Team

“ Our mission is to make everyone that walks into our office feel
that they have had a great experience dealing with our team ”

Discover unparalleled confidence in property investment with Ray White Property Management.

Our commitment to exceptional property management ensures not only your peace of mind but also the assurance that your requests will be consistently met. Our property managers are equipped with the skills and systems necessary to expertly manage your investment, unlocking the key details crucial for achieving maximum financial returns.

As a property investor, benefit from our proactive approach, where we go beyond mere rent collection to assist you in creating wealth and managing your investment strategically. We’ve earned a reputation for our personalised approach, a result of years of learning and continuous improvement.

Key features of Ray White Property Management include:

  • Zero tolerance policy towards rent arrears
  • Access to competitive loan and insurance opportunities
  • Priority access to market intelligence
  • Detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance
  • Industry-best training, education, and resources

In an industry where reputation is paramount, Ray White stands out. We’ve overhauled our systems, processes, and procedures to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our clients.

Our proactive approach sets us apart, focusing on managing your investment and maximising your property portfolio’s potential.

Tap into the strength of the Ray White Group and benefit from competitive loans, insurance, and unrivalled market intelligence to maximise returns on your investment property.

In property management, experience and numbers count for everything. As a Ray White client, you gain access to years of market insight and the collective strength of 700 offices in our network, making the Ray White name synonymous with property management in Australia.

Recognising the unique needs of each rental provider, we tailor specific solutions to suit your requirements. Our highly trained and motivated team of Property Managers at Ray White Lara are dedicated to delivering the service you deserve.

With Ray White, you’re not just managing a property; you’re optimising your investment with a team committed to excellence.

Join us in managing over 200,000 rental properties worldwide, benefiting from our extensive resources, exposure through the Ray White network, and unwavering commitment to providing the service you deserve.

Our Achievements
Property Management Premier Status – 2023 – 2024
Julia De Amicis – Property Manager of the Year Vic/Tas Finalist – 2022 – 2023
Property Management Alan White Elite Status – 2022 – 2023
Property Management Alan White Elite Status – 2021 – 2022
Business Development Alan White Elite Status – 2020 – 2021
Property Management Alan White Elite Status – 2020 – 2021
Property Management Alan White Elite Status – 2019 – 2020
Business Development Alan White Elite Status – 2018 – 2019
Property Management Team of the Year – No1 Team Award for Vic/Tas – 2017 – 2018
Property Management Team – No.3 Property Management Team Internationally – 2017- 2018
Daniela Boothroyd – Team Leader of the Year – 2015
Lyndal Gladman – Premium Property Management Performer – 2014
Property Management Team of the Year Award for Vic/Tas – 2013
Property Management Team of North West Zone – No.1 Property Management Team – 2013
Property Management Team of North West Zone – No.2 Property Management Team – 2012
Property Management Team – Winners of the Wealth Award – 2011 – 2012
Business Excellence Award for Best Regional Business – 2011

For a detailed discussion on the specifics of your property’s performance, feel free to reach out to Ray White Lara at 03 5282 4699.